Horse Paddle Design

A Ping Pong Paddle is a bat that is held by a ping pong player when playing ping pong. There are several ping pong paddles with horse paddle design. The horse design on ping pong paddles makes them more fanciful and attractive. A ping pong paddle with a horse paddle design can be used during tournaments on different types of ping pong tables. The following are some of the ping pong tables on which you can use a horse design paddle:


  1. Butterfly Fitness Ping Pong Table:

The Butterfly Fitness Ping Pong Table is one of the types of ping pong table on which a person can play ping pong with a horse design paddle. One can also play with different types of table tennis robots with a horse design paddle. In order to find out the different types of horse design ping pong paddles available, click here for paddle reviews.


  1. Butterfly Easifold Ping Pong Table:

The Butterfly Easifold 19mm table is a great ping pong table that can be combined with a ping pong paddle with a horse design. This is one of the popular types of ping pong tables used during tournaments. The ping pong table is easy to fold therefore enabling great mobility. It can be easily carried from one location to another. This ping pong table is also compatible with the use of ping pong robots like Newgy Robo-Pong 2050, Butterfly Amicus Advance robot among others.


  1. Kettler Spin 3.0 Indoor PingPong Table:

The Kettler Spin 3.0 Indoor Ping Pong Table is another professional ping pong table on which ping pong players can use a ping pong paddle with a horse design. This ping pong table is very durable for regular use. It is a competition standard table that is frequently used during tournaments. This ping pong table also enables ping pong players to play with any type of table tennis robot. There are several types of table tennis robots that can play on the Kettler Spin 3.0 Indoor Ping Pong Table. They include iPong Original Table Tennis Training Robot, Newgy Robo-Pong 1050, Killerspin Throw 2 Robot, Newgy Robo-Pong 1050, Smartpong Table Tennis Robot among others.


  1. Kettler Spin 11.0 Indoor PingPong Table:

The Kettler Spin 11.0 Indoor Ping Pong Table is a great ping pong table for players using horse design paddles. There are several types of horse design paddles that can be used to play on this type of ping pong table. In order to find out the various types of horse design paddles available, click here for paddle reviews. The Kettler Spin 11.0 Indoor Ping Pong Table is an amazing ping pong table that is suitable for playing with table tennis robots. There are several types of table tennis robots that can be engaged in a ping pong supremacy match on this table. They include Practice Partner 20 Table Tennis Robot, Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Table Tennis Robot, Practice Partner 50 Table Tennis Robot, Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot among others.


  1. Kettler Smash 5.0 Outdoor PingPong Table:

The Kettler Smash 5.0 Outdoor Ping Pong Table is an amazing ping pong table for players using horse design paddles. This ping pong table is durable with a profile frame measuring 35mm. The ping pong table also comes with a free protective table cover. This protective cover allows it to be kept outdoors all year long without damage. The ping pong table is suitable for playing with table tennis robots.

Use convert it to promote horse racing event

Marketing automation is a digital solution to help in the promotion of events through Email campaigns. When you need to raise awareness of a horse racing event, you need to choose the best marketing automation software that gives value for the investment. ConvertKit, Activecampaign, or another marketing application serves this purpose. Choose ConvertKit over InfusionSoft because of the following unique features.

Horse racing event is a simple event, which needs the marketing software for advertising and a constant reminder prior to the day of the event. InfusionSoft is complicated with complex features, you need time to run some tricks of the software tool, why not choose ConvertKit, which is simpler and has stratified database management and Email marketing system ideal for the success of the event.

When it comes to content marketing, ConvertKit gets a thumb up. You need to develop content to educate readers and Email receivers on the benefits of the horse-racing event. Is it for charity? Is it for the sporting day for the company or is it just purely for horse lovers. The Email campaign will not offer the details necessary to help participants make the decision.

ConvertKit is a marketing solution designed for any type of business irrespective of whether it is for-profit or nonprofit. Horse event organizers, yes want more participants in the event but do not want to spend much money in marketing. ConvertKit is affordable and still provides the communication and interactive platform between the participants and the organizers. The pricing plan based on the number of subscribers is a plus for this digital toolkit. You can make a guess on your target audience and subscribe to the best pricing plan. In addition, you are not limited to the plan, you can always upgrade when you feel you need more features and to accommodate more subscribers.

The straightforward style of ConvertKit makes it user-friendly and interactive. Even the design and creation of Email campaigns does not require any expertise. It is a marketing solution ideal for both novices and experienced personnel.

The social media integration of the software is an added advantage to the horse racing organizers. Furthermore, this is a social event that is of interest in the social media circles. When a follower decides to share the invitation via social media platforms, more likes, followers and even a link to the social media page of the event attracts more participants. What a success.

You cannot forget the automated tools of the application. The marketing software solution is a whole operation department in a single package. It makes work simpler and easier. In addition, it is flexible to accommodate other mini websites into the system through links and backlinks for more information about the event.

The myth that people have that ConvertKit is made for bloggers is just a myth or rather a marketing tool to meet the demand of the bloggers who are the foundation of content marketing. Make a due diligence on various marketing automation solutions and their features to choose the best that suits you.

Sandwiches For Horses

Horses are some of the most elegant creatures to grace the planet with their existence. Their beauty isn’t hard to see. Horses have long and muscular bodies that look sleek and attractive. It’s no wonder why artists regularly choose to portray the animal through paintings. The animal lends itself to artistic representation pretty easily since it’s such a great photographic subject.


Like all living creatures, horses also need food. They need to food to maintain the wonderful shape of their body and their physical capability. Horse food is typically thought of as dry and bland fodder. Check out prices at Sonic. In fact, that’s what’s usually fed to horses. Most horse keepers simply feed their horses hay or grass and let them graze in the fields. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Horses enjoy tasty food that humans like, just as much as we do. One type of food which catches their fancy is sandwiches.


Sandwiches appear to be pretty simple dishes. One would think that, after all, it’s just some ingredients stuffed in between two slices of bread. Taco Bell’s meals for lunch would be great. However, there’s more to sandwiches than that. Sandwiches are more ingeniously designed than we usually give them credit for. A lot of work and effort is needed to make the perfect sandwich.


A common sandwich usually consists of some vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers and a slice of cheese kept between two buns of bread  ( ). Sometimes, meat is added as well, in the form of a patty. The meat used can be anything. However, most typically, the patty is made from chicken, beef or mutton.

Sandwiches are a type of food that are easy to make but hard to master. There are many nuances to making sandwiches which slip the minds of most people. For example, one must make sure that the bread buns are fresh and easy to bite and also that the meat patty is well-cooked and soft.


The mark of a proper sandwich is when all the ingredients work together in perfect harmony. Each ingredient compliments the other and improves the tasting experience. For example, a meat patty tastes much better with fresh vegetables as they improve the texture of the food. As a result, the sandwich is worth more than the sum of its parts.


Now that you know what an expertly crafted sandwich looks like, where can you get one? Thankfully, there are a number of joints across the USA which serve delicious sandwiches at affordable prices. The easiest of these to find are franchise stores like Taco Bell, Sonic, and Au Bon Pain.


Franchises like these have stores all across the country. The great thing about them is that regardless of which physical store you go to, you get the same dishes at the same level of quality. Sonic has many great sandwiches on offer. All of them are expertly made and taste great. Likewise, Taco Bell also has some great things on offer. In addition to sandwiches, they also sell tasty tacos and other Mexican food items.


Au Bon Pain is best known for the baked foods like cakes and pastries it sells. It’s also a popular place to eat breakfast as there are a number of special items that are available at that time of day. Sandwiches are one of the popular breakfast items that they serve.


The most convenient aspect of Sonic and Taco Bell is that they have drive-thru facilities. That means you can order and eat something in the comfort of your car, without having to step out, into the store. Regardless of which of these stores the sandwich is from, the horse is more than likely to enjoy it. Make sure the sandwich being bought is very large in size since the horse can finish a standard sized sandwich in no time.

Amazing Benefits of Juicers for Horses

Horses are herbivorous animals within the household used for horse racing and personal housing needs. To achieve maximum benefits from the domestic animal, they need proper diet, which consists of a balanced diet. Juice is a simple remedy for the horse with numerous health benefits. Click here for more information of one of the best juicers.


Manufacturers of juicers accommodate various categories of the drink based on the type of fruits and the part that has a high nutritive value. Some vegetable for example carrots and beetroots need the root which is the vegetable for juicing, a juicer with stronger blades to crash the root is ideal. Some fruits like avocados are soft and require a simple blade or even a vibrant motion motor to split the fruit in a juice form.

Apart from just the health function, some of the juices have medicinal value like the Aloe Vera juice for treating skin ailments.


Kuvings centrifugal juicers take pride in high-performance ideal for juicing roots and stem tubers. The fast action juicers are ideal for busy people, when you want to give your horse instant energy ahead of a horse race and have minimal time for preparation, then Kuvings centrifugal juicer offers the best choice. There is also minimal wastage of fibers since the strength of the motor is higher than normal juicers.

Most juicers require more fruits to produce a tangible volume of juice, this is due to low speed and low strength of the motor, and this is contrary to Kuvings centrifugal juicer. The stomach capacity of the horse is larger than human beings hence they need more liters of juice to quench their thirst. This juicer is designed for commercial purposes to accommodate this demand. It can juice up to 50 cups in a row without malfunctioning. When you have horses to feed, with this juicer, you do not have to bother.

The main benefits of Kuvings centrifugal juicer include:

  • It provides a high performance juicing needs
  • It gives your kitchen a classy look since it adds aesthetic value to your kitchen
  • It is strong and has minimum wastage of fibers and fruit residues
  • It is simple and user-friendly, the manual has all the guide
  • Despite the high processing speed and strength of the motor, it consumes less energy saving you on electricity bills
  • The lock system helps to prevent child access or unauthorized entry.

Kuvings manufacturer understands the need for juice for both horses and humans. The high-performance kitchen appliance gives value for the features. Horses do not have to use energy in chewing some of the recommended fruits and vegetables to get the desired nutrients when Kuvings juicers are available and affordable in the stores. Whether it is a root tuber, or stem or a seed the blade is sharp and strong to crash into smaller particles while it maintains the nutritive value of the ingredients. The high capacity also allows a horse owner to prepare a good volume of the juice at a go. Compared to other juicers, they still take the lead with a higher market share than their competitors.