Amazing Benefits of Juicers for Horses

Horses are herbivorous animals within the household used for horse racing and personal housing needs. To achieve maximum benefits from the domestic animal, they need proper diet, which consists of a balanced diet. Juice is a simple remedy for the horse with numerous health benefits. Click here for more information of one of the best juicers.


Manufacturers of juicers accommodate various categories of the drink based on the type of fruits and the part that has a high nutritive value. Some vegetable for example carrots and beetroots need the root which is the vegetable for juicing, a juicer with stronger blades to crash the root is ideal. Some fruits like avocados are soft and require a simple blade or even a vibrant motion motor to split the fruit in a juice form.

Apart from just the health function, some of the juices have medicinal value like the Aloe Vera juice for treating skin ailments.


Kuvings centrifugal juicers take pride in high-performance ideal for juicing roots and stem tubers. The fast action juicers are ideal for busy people, when you want to give your horse instant energy ahead of a horse race and have minimal time for preparation, then Kuvings centrifugal juicer offers the best choice. There is also minimal wastage of fibers since the strength of the motor is higher than normal juicers.

Most juicers require more fruits to produce a tangible volume of juice, this is due to low speed and low strength of the motor, and this is contrary to Kuvings centrifugal juicer. The stomach capacity of the horse is larger than human beings hence they need more liters of juice to quench their thirst. This juicer is designed for commercial purposes to accommodate this demand. It can juice up to 50 cups in a row without malfunctioning. When you have horses to feed, with this juicer, you do not have to bother.

The main benefits of Kuvings centrifugal juicer include:

  • It provides a high performance juicing needs
  • It gives your kitchen a classy look since it adds aesthetic value to your kitchen
  • It is strong and has minimum wastage of fibers and fruit residues
  • It is simple and user-friendly, the manual has all the guide
  • Despite the high processing speed and strength of the motor, it consumes less energy saving you on electricity bills
  • The lock system helps to prevent child access or unauthorized entry.

Kuvings manufacturer understands the need for juice for both horses and humans. The high-performance kitchen appliance gives value for the features. Horses do not have to use energy in chewing some of the recommended fruits and vegetables to get the desired nutrients when Kuvings juicers are available and affordable in the stores. Whether it is a root tuber, or stem or a seed the blade is sharp and strong to crash into smaller particles while it maintains the nutritive value of the ingredients. The high capacity also allows a horse owner to prepare a good volume of the juice at a go. Compared to other juicers, they still take the lead with a higher market share than their competitors.