Use convert it to promote horse racing event

Marketing automation is a digital solution to help in the promotion of events through Email campaigns. When you need to raise awareness of a horse racing event, you need to choose the best marketing automation software that gives value for the investment. ConvertKit, Activecampaign, or another marketing application serves this purpose. Choose ConvertKit over InfusionSoft because of the following unique features.

Horse racing event is a simple event, which needs the marketing software for advertising and a constant reminder prior to the day of the event. InfusionSoft is complicated with complex features, you need time to run some tricks of the software tool, why not choose ConvertKit, which is simpler and has stratified database management and Email marketing system ideal for the success of the event.

When it comes to content marketing, ConvertKit gets a thumb up. You need to develop content to educate readers and Email receivers on the benefits of the horse-racing event. Is it for charity? Is it for the sporting day for the company or is it just purely for horse lovers. The Email campaign will not offer the details necessary to help participants make the decision.

ConvertKit is a marketing solution designed for any type of business irrespective of whether it is for-profit or nonprofit. Horse event organizers, yes want more participants in the event but do not want to spend much money in marketing. ConvertKit is affordable and still provides the communication and interactive platform between the participants and the organizers. The pricing plan based on the number of subscribers is a plus for this digital toolkit. You can make a guess on your target audience and subscribe to the best pricing plan. In addition, you are not limited to the plan, you can always upgrade when you feel you need more features and to accommodate more subscribers.

The straightforward style of ConvertKit makes it user-friendly and interactive. Even the design and creation of Email campaigns does not require any expertise. It is a marketing solution ideal for both novices and experienced personnel.

The social media integration of the software is an added advantage to the horse racing organizers. Furthermore, this is a social event that is of interest in the social media circles. When a follower decides to share the invitation via social media platforms, more likes, followers and even a link to the social media page of the event attracts more participants. What a success.

You cannot forget the automated tools of the application. The marketing software solution is a whole operation department in a single package. It makes work simpler and easier. In addition, it is flexible to accommodate other mini websites into the system through links and backlinks for more information about the event.

The myth that people have that ConvertKit is made for bloggers is just a myth or rather a marketing tool to meet the demand of the bloggers who are the foundation of content marketing. Make a due diligence on various marketing automation solutions and their features to choose the best that suits you.